Event CategoryDisaster
Event GroupNatural
Event SubgroupMeteorological - Hydrological
Event TypeTornado
PlaceEdmonton AB
Event Start DateJuly 31, 1987
Event End DateJuly 31, 1987
CommentsEdmonton AB, July 31, 1987. 27 dead, 600 injured, 1700 homeless; widespread heavy rainfall from a powerful tornado hit Edmonton on July 31,1987; 300 mm of rain fell in 3 days; the Smoky, Wapiti, Simonette, and Kakwa Rivers rose up to 7-8 metres in some areas; the tornado touched down in Edmonton and moved northeast; hailstorms were reported during the tornado; much of the damage was caused by hailstorms accompanying the tornado.
Injured / Infected600
Estimated Total Cost$181,125,959
Federal DFAA Payments$19,948,463
Provincial DFAA Payments$12,800,496
Provincial Department PaymentsUnknown
Municipal CostsUnknown
OGD CostsUnknown
Insurance Payments$148,377,000
NGO PaymentsUnknown
Utility - People Affected0