Event CategoryDisaster
Event GroupNatural
Event SubgroupMeteorological - Hydrological
Event TypeFlood
PlaceSouthern Alberta
Event Start DateJune 19, 2013
Event End DateJune 28, 2013
CommentsSouthern Alberta, June 19-28, 2013. A massive storm system crept through Alberta causing significant flooding throughout the province. As of 2013, this event was responsible for the largest evacuation due to a natural disaster in Alberta’s history. Beginning in northern Alberta, Fort McMurray declared a local state of emergency when water from the Hanging Stone River breached its banks on June 8. The storm then moved south on June 19, where it remained for three days over southern Alberta. Heavy rain spanning across a region from Canmore to Calgary produced an average of 75 to 150 mm during this three-day period. Twenty-nine local states of emergency were declared throughout the province. Four deaths were attributed to the floods, which caused significant disruptions across the province to power, telecommunications, clean water supply, and transportation corridors, including a section of the Trans-Canada Highway that closed due to a mudslide caused by the torrential rain. In Calgary the Bow and Elbow Rivers flooded, which forced 75,000 residents to evacuate the city. Over 4000 business were affected and 3000 buildings were flooded, including that Saddledome and the Calgary Zoo. The towns of High River and Canmore were also significantly impacted by the floods. In total, flooding forced the evacuations of approximately 100,000 Albertans. As flood conditions improved, some residents were allowed to gradually return to their communities beginning on June 23, while the remaining residents were allowed to return by June 28. Response to the flood was provided by municipal, provincial, and federal governments and non-governmental organizations. Insurance payments are estimated at $1.2 billion. This disaster is estimated to have reduced Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Southern Alberta by $550 million (2013 dollars).
Injured / Infected0
Estimated Total Cost$2,715,742,000
Federal DFAA Payments$1,015,742,000
Provincial DFAA PaymentsUnknown
Provincial Department PaymentsUnknown
Municipal CostsUnknown
OGD CostsUnknown
Insurance Payments$1,700,000,000
NGO PaymentsUnknown
Utility - People AffectedUnknown