Event CategoryIncident
Event GroupTechnology
Event SubgroupTransportation accident
Event TypeRail
PlaceLac-M?gantic QC
Event Start DateJuly 6, 2013
Event End DateJuly 28, 2013
CommentsLac-M?gantic QC, July 6-28, 2013. A 74-car freight train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in Lac-M?gantic, Quebec. The explosion caused the deaths of 42 people. Five people were not accounted for and were officially listed as having been killed in the explosion. Approximately 2000 people were evacuated from their homes. The explosion destroyed 115 buildings and caused extensive damage to the centre of the town. Over 5,560,000 litres of crude oil was released into the environment and an estimated 100,000 litres spilled into the nearby Chaudi?re river. The spill travelled down the river and reached the town of Saint-Georges 80 kilometres to the northeast, forcing local authorities to draw water from a nearby lake and install floating barriers to prevent contamination. Note: Federal and Provincial payments are interim and do not represent final payment totals.
Injured / InfectedUnknown
Estimated Total Cost$58,000,000
Federal DFAA Payments$58,000,000
Provincial DFAA PaymentsUnknown
Provincial Department PaymentsUnknown
Municipal CostsUnknown
OGD CostsUnknown
Insurance PaymentsUnknown
NGO PaymentsUnknown
Utility - People AffectedUnknown