Event CategoryIncident
Event GroupTechnology
Event SubgroupHazardous Chemicals
Event TypeDerailment Release
PlaceLethbridge AB
Event Start DateOctober 17, 1994
Event End DateOctober 17, 1994
CommentsLethbridge AB, October 17, 1994. Six railway cars containing a total of 250 tonnes of methanol became derailed from some damaged tracks just north of downtown Lethbridge; the seals were broken on two of the cars, allowing the methanol to escape; local fire fighters attempted to limit the spread of the chemical by erecting earth dams, covering the spill with extinguishing foam, and filling the rail cars with water; electricity and natural gas supply were cut; 200 people were evacuated for 24 hours.
Injured / Infected0
Estimated Total CostUnknown
Federal DFAA Payments$0
Provincial DFAA Payments$0
Provincial Department PaymentsUnknown
Municipal CostsUnknown
OGD CostsUnknown
Insurance PaymentsUnknown
NGO PaymentsUnknown
Utility - People Affected0